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Unemployment and Resignation Allowances in France, possible under certain conditions since November 1, 2019. 

Unemployment and Resignation Allowances in France, possible under certain conditions since November 1, 2019.     In the event of resignation, an employee who plans to set up or take over an enterprise may receive unemployment benefits under the following conditions, which are cumulative   – the beneficiary has a period of affiliation of at…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law firm – November 2018

Copyrights, a controversial European Directive. “The evolution of digital technologies has changed the way works and other protected subject-matter are created, produced, distributed and exploited. New uses have emerged as well as new actors and new business models. In the digital environment, cross-border uses have also intensified and new opportunities for consumers to access copyright-protected…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law firm – September/october 2018

Update on the termination of the employment contract by mutual agreement   Introduction The termination by mutual agreement (rupture conventionnelle) is an original method which allows the employee and the employer to put an end to the employment contract under the conditions they have fixed in an accredited convention. The applicable legislation for the termination…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law firm – June, July, August 2018

The law n°2018-287 of April 20, 2018: another significant modification of French contract law? The law of April 20, 2018 is the last stage regarding the reform of the French law of obligations: it ratifies the February 10, 2016 “ordonnance”. The “ordonnance” is already in effect since October 1, 2016. Consequently, modifications of the 2018…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law firm – May 2018

The fight against “fake news” and the entry into force of the GDPR: the news on the challenges related to the digital area Fight against “fake news” The fight against fake news is not a recent phenomenon, rather it has worsened notably because of the digital revolution. Indeed, Article 27 of the law of July…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law Firm – April 2018

The presence of moral considerations into the legislative process seems to be increasing, as evidenced by the entry into force of the Loi Sapin II which created a protective status for whistle-blowers to encourage the denunciation of bad practices. These two legal developments are not isolated and follow a genuine framework of moralisation that concerns…
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Newsletter February-March 2018

Follow-up of our synopsis of the Macron ordinances reform in labour law, after the study, in January, of the aspects concerning the breach of employment contracts. The Ordinance n°2017-1386 of September 22nd, 2017 concerning the new organisation of the social and economic dialogue in the company and promoting the exercise and value of the union…
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Newsletter of Cazeau & Associés Law firm – January-February 2018

The last measures of the French labor law reform which were still to be implemented have entered into force on 1st January 2018, giving us a good opportunity to carry out a quick overview of the key aspects of the reform. I. Redundancy 1. Grounds for redundancy Decree No. 2017-1387 of 22 September 2017 on…
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Workshop on labor law (2018)

On January 30th and February 2nd, our firm held two workshops – in French and Spanish – on the recent French labor reform, with a special focus on the termination of employment contracts. We would like to thank all the participants for coming and for the very productive talks we had. Our slides in French…
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The Conventional Collective Break: It's not so easy!

At a time when media resonate the initiatives on the Collective Agreement Termination (CAT) envisioned by certain groups in France, a short update seems necessary to remind that no, the mechanism implemented by the Macron Ordinance of September 22, 2017 is not a miracle solution, denounced by some people, that would allow companies to notify…
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