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Philippe LEGREZ

Philippe LEGREZ

Of Counsel

After six years as a lawyer – two years in New York and four years in Paris in corporate law firms – Philippe joined the corporate world: he was successively general counsel of Schlumberger Industries, Bongrain/Savencia and Michelin.

  • He has led the Michelin Foundation for the past eight years, bringing Michelin’s philanthropy in many fields to more than thirty countries.
  • He brings to Cazeau&Associés his rich French and international experience in business law, compliance, ethics, CSR, and in-house counsel mentoring.


  • Philippe Legrez holds a doctorate in French law, a master’s degree in corporate law from New York University, a degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne and an Executive Master’s degree in management from HEC. He was the second secretary of the Paris Bar’s Internship Conference.